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They say a picture is worth 1000 words.
Imagine what a secure HD quality live video call is worth!

The team from Bliss Health is making it SIMPLE for YOUR team and YOUR patients to connect.


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HIPAA Compliant Communication

High Quality HD Video Visits

They say pictures are worth 1000 words. Crystal clear HD video calls are then worth 1000 pictures! Bliss video appointments are almost like meeting in person. Connect for as long as you wish and either in 1-to-1 calls or multi-party conferences.

Schedule Ahead or Impromptu

Schedule the calls ahead of time, or have impromptu meetings. See a patient’s living conditions for yourself, see a new wound, or assess a patient better through remote video communication. Once an appointment is scheduled, both parties get reminders by email or text.

Unlimited Secure Messaging

Communicate through secure messaging. Communicate 1-to-1 or to the entire care community. Send video messages, audio messages, files, or just typed words of encouragement or notifications.

Secure Document Storage

Upload documents for your patients to have access to wherever they may be with simple cloud storage to their chart. Store small videos, PDF documents, and more.

Patient Profiles

Keep patient profiles up to date. Addresses, phone contacts, and other demographics are stored with the patient record.

Create a Care Community Network

Connect your patients with their family, caregivers, clinical supervisory staff, and more. Allow your expanded network to join in to allow for communication between your patients and your extended referral network for seamless referral & consultation


My Meeting Room service from Bliss Health is solving solutions for various care providers who are looking for a simple, quick to deploy, and inexpensive video conferencing solution. Secure video calls combined with secure messaging allows for HIPAA secure communication on the fly. This is all built on the larger Bliss CONNECT Platform, that can optionally expand seamlessly to larger use cases as your needs expand.

Diversion Programs

Patient not feeling well?
How about a live remote examination to determine if they need urgent care, a home visit, a next day physician visit, urgent care, or ER. Live crisp HD secure calls make this possible with unlimited users for one low monthly price it is simple and cost-effective to deploy across thousands of patients in managed care plans, transitional care programs, population health management solutions, and other risk based programs.


Whether you are working in managed care with limited reimbursement, private pay situations, or just trying to augment your care management offering, simply attach the Bliss Meeting Room service to your team and clients. Connecting to one another for case conferences, engaging with your clients, or allowing your clients to engage with their family members in a secure fashion has never been simpler.


Looking for a simple solution to allow patients to contact your team? Looking for a simple secure video connection platform? Look no further. Simply connect to your patients anytime, anywhere. Secure and High Definition video calls makes Bliss Meetings almost like being right there with your patients. Improve outcomes and accessibility meeting HEDIS and CPIA measures. Improve communication. Launch for various new payer models and managed care solutions.


Improve accessibility through a secure and simple to use platform. Launches in minutes. Connect one to one or multi-party for group or family sessions. Connect anyone, anywhere, anytime. Allow for impromptu or scheduled sessions to take place of augment live sessions. Expand your practices’ capabilities with Bliss Meeting solution.


Meet CoPs of team meetings without coordinating or paying everyone to be in the same room at the same time. Round table conferences can be done on the fly, over significant geographic distances, anytime, and virtually anywhere through secure video and chat communication. 1-to-1 or multi party conferencing between patients and their family, patients and your care network, and between care network members.

Aging At
Home Programs

In person visits are irreplaceable in aging at home programs. However, the next best thing is live video conferences. Simple to use, easy to deploy, no complicated hardware, and easily used on any device including smart TVs for connecting your clients and your staff and their family and care networks. Aging At Home programs missing piece! Launch Bliss Meeting Services and CONNECT your program today!

Community Living

Expand services within your campus and create a community outside your walls. Connect your community through a HIPAA secure platform for video calls, conferences, and chats. Allow your residents secure communication to their care community with almost no overhead! Launch new connected programs and allow virtual help buttons through connected video calls to residents living on site and even outside your campus.

Bliss is the Best Value
patient engagement platform

  • Pricing
  • Included
    Video Hours
  • Devices
  • Messaging
  • Document
  • Screen Sharing
    During Call
  • # of Parties
    on Call
  • Contract
  • Permission Based Role Types
  • Vendor 1
  • $49/month
  • 100 then extra fees
  • Computer (web) to Computer(web) only
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • No
  • Multiple
  • Monthly
  • No
  • Vendor 2
  • $12/user
    per month
  • Unlimited
  • Computer and App
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • No
  • 1-to-1
  • Short-Term
  • No
  • Vendor 3
  • $50/user
    per month
  • Unlimited
  • Computer (web) to Computer (web) only
  • Limited
  • Limited
  • Yes
  • Multiple
  • No contracts
  • Limited
  • $499/month
    Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited
  • Computer and App
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Multiple
  • No contracts
  • Clinical, Non-Clinical, and Patient Roles


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Frequently Asked Questions

For the first month, unlimited use, unlimited users…FREE. Yes, actually FREE. No hidden fees, no upfront fees, no tacking the “free” month on the end of a year subscription. Actually FREE!
After your first free month, you can cancel with no obligation. If you choose to continue, you will be auto charged on a credit card $499. This is for unlimited calls, unlimited users, web or App. You will be pro-rated $16.41 per day during the month you sign and $499 for the next month. Each month you will be charged on the 1st for the FOLLOWING month. Cancel any time during the month to stop service at the end of the FOLLOWING month. For example, cancel on the 15th of May and enjoy services May and June.
Yes. Our video call and messaging service is HIPAA secure and encrypted.
Yes, yes, and yes. Call anyhow to anyone and anywhere on virtually any device or computer. Internet or strong cell service required.
Yes! Each organization can add on as many providers and patients that they want. They can allow patients to invite their family members and caregivers, as well. There is only one monthly fee, regardless of users, regardless of calls.
Yes. Everyone can in theory be a part of more than one organization.
Patients can call anyone of their providers (clinical, family, volunteers, etc). Providers can call any of their patients and any of the providers in a network of their patients. Calls can be one-to-one or multi-party.
Yes, in most states this would suffice for a billable tele-health call. In most states, primary care, behavioral health, and more are being reimbursed by commercial and federal and managed payers. If you are more interested in a true tele-health program with built in medical records, SOAP notes, and claim generation, ask a support specialist about these options.
While Skype uses a strong level of encryption, the privacy of data sent via Skype is suspect. Copies of calls, chats, and videos could be stored in unknown locations as a result of wire taps or other undisclosed recording by Skype, Microsoft, or government officials non-Business Skype does not claim any kind of HIPAA compliance and will not sign a required Business Associate Agreement. Skype does not provide the tools to use Skype in a way that allows you to meet your own HIPAA-compliance requirements (e.g. auditing and archival/backup).
FaceTime also has no security standards, no HIPAA compliance, and can be easily intercepted. Unless your video call service explicitly says that it meets HIPAA standards, chances are they do not, and you will open yourself up to heavy potential fines for not securing your communications containing PHI.
Similarly, regular text messaging has the same concerns. There is no sign in required, so anyone holding the phone can see the communication, intended party or not. Same as the FaceTime concern. Additionally, phone cloning has become pretty easy,and can be done without anyone knowing it, resulting in easily captured text messaging.
Bottom line, you can’t afford to NOT use a secure system for text and video call type services.